On this page you can find a brief step-by-step instruction on how to collect data according to the TALD methodology.

Step 1 - Create a folder

Step 2 - Add data

  • Copy the feature template in the folder.

  • Collect data for each language from descriptive literature, which you can find in our library. Fill in all required columns (see List of columns for an explanation of the column names).

  • (Optional) If you want to use a source that is not in the library yet:

    • Submit information about the source via this form. Each source should be assigned a bibtexkey – a unique identifier that allows us to easily cite sources across the Atlas. See Adding new literature on how to construct a key. Be sure to check whether the key is already taken.

    • Upload the source to the appropriate folder in the library. Use the bibtexkey as a filename.

See Datasets for more detailed guidelines.

Step 3 - Write a chapter

See Chapter for more detailed guidelines.

Step 4 - Check your files

  • Check that by the end of the work, your folder in the archive contains the following things:

    • your feature table in .tsv, with the name of your feature in lower case as filename: YOUR_FEATURE.tsv
    • your chapter text in .Rmd format (optionally a draft version in .doc format), with the name of your feature in lower case as filename: YOUR_FEATURE.Rmd
    • a table in .tsv format with references used in your text, with the name of your feature in lower case as filename: YOUR_FEATURE_bib.tsv
  • Make sure the filenames of your feature table, text, and references are the same, e.g. evidentialty_tense.tsv (data), evidentiality_tense.Rmd (text), evidentiality_tense_bib.tsv (chapter references)

  • Don’t forget to add the date on which you submit your finished work to us in the date column of your feature table!

Step 5 (Optional) - Changes after publication

What to do if you want to make changes to your data or chapter after it has been published?

  • Create an issue on the TALD Github where you outline the proposed changes.

  • Please mention the title of your chapter in the subject line, and indicate whether you are the author (other users can also propose changes, and we might not be able to recognize you from your Github username).

  • You will be contacted by an editor to discuss how to proceed. The process will differ depending on what and how much you want to change.

  • You can also contact the Atlas () or your responsible editor directly.